Lull In The Fight - Episode 4



In this episode, Eric and Jason are in studio and get right into a discussion about quality use of range time and how it can be most beneficial to you. (5:40) Andrew Branca calls in to discuss his book, The Law of Self Defense, as well as some general self defense law converstaion.(11:10) After the guys finish up talking to Andrew, Bill Dyer of Leatherhead Custom Holsters calls in and they discuss the finer points of custom holsters and what to watchout for when you are in the market for a good holster. (40:30) Next, Eric hits on his Bullet Points (1:16:00) and then the guys jumtp into the video reveiw of a woman being robbed and kidnapped at an ATM. (1:26:00) The guys finish up the show with a new segment called "Stuff You Hear at a Gun Store" and take a call from Mike Owen of Meridian Ordnance to hear some funny stories. (1:35:35)  Hope you enjoy the show, don't forget to listen to the end, regret it, you won't!