Jun 14, 2017

Lull In The Fight - Episode 4


In this episode, Eric and Jason are in studio and get right into a discussion about quality use of range time and how it can be most beneficial to you. (5:40) Andrew Branca calls in to discuss his book, The Law of Self Defense, as well as some general self defense law converstaion.(11:10) After the guys finish up talking to Andrew, Bill Dyer of Leatherhead Custom Holsters calls in and they discuss the finer points of custom holsters and what to watchout for when you are in the market for a good holster. (40:30) Next, Eric hits on his Bullet Points (1:16:00) and then the guys jumtp into the video reveiw of a woman being robbed and kidnapped at an ATM. (1:26:00) The guys finish up the show with a new segment called "Stuff You Hear at a Gun Store" and take a call from Mike Owen of Meridian Ordnance to hear some funny stories. (1:35:35)  Hope you enjoy the show, don't forget to listen to the end, regret it, you won't!

Jun 11, 2017

Lull In The Fight - Episode 3


In this episode, Jason and Eric are joined in studio by Eddy Garcia.  The guys kick of the show discussing things that are new in life. (1:20)  Next, Eric gives everyone a heads up on our call-in guest for the next show, Andrew Branca and where they can find a link for his book (3:00), as well as training oppurtunties with The Bulwarks. (10:20).  Finally the guys get into their video for the show (DEA Video) and discuss what went wrong and how it could have been avoided (12:20), and as always the guys round out the show with some good clean fun and joking.  DON'T FORGET, listen all the way to the end of the recording for a little extra entertainment!


Apr 19, 2017

Lull In The Fight - Episode 2

In this episode they jump right into the regular "stuff".  Eric's talks about his "Bullet Point's" and hits on "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Jason and Eric are joined in studio by Jim Higginbotham and Eddie Garcia, and Jim helps them disect the Pawn Shop Robbery video (click link to see) and gives his insight on how things played out, as well as some tips for other small business owners.  On the phone this episode will be Charles Riggs discussing "Stand Your Ground" and Craig Caudill from Nature Reliance, discussing his new book, Extreme Wilderness Survival.  Tim Nein calls in to discuss "STEAM" and how its implemented in our training and gear selection.  As always the guys cut up and have a good time.  Hope you enjoy the show! (Be sure to listen until the end!)


Mar 20, 2017

Lull In The Fight - Episode 1

In this episode of Lull In The Fight, Jason and Eric talk about the format of the show in this episode and upcoming episodes, even though they aren't 100% sure what to expect.  Then they discuss Eric's "Bullet Points" which will be on each episode and will cover topics related to self-defense. Next, they discuss a video where an awesome security guard takes on 3 would-be robbers. Watch the video here so that you are familiar with it during the disucssion.  From there they move into an interview with Charles Riggs and he brings listeners up to date on national firearm news and some things from around the Commonwealth (of KY). Then Tim Nein is on to discuss his experiences in the "Raven 42" battle in Salman Pak, Iraq in 2005. (Read the AAR here).  In the last segement they talk about gear, and do a review on a couple of products. Elzetta and Ruger were up for discussion on this episode.  Finally they wrap up the show with a look at the upcoming episodes and things they will discuss. Stay tuned!

Mar 16, 2017

Lull In The Fight

Where training meets reality. "Lull in the Fight" takes a look at our personal self-defense from a realistic angle. With some "go for the gusto" our podcast looks at changing culture in personal defense from the fundamentals of historically sound doctrine. "The Survival Chain", created by Jim Higginbotham and Tom Givins creates the limits of separating us from evil. A new look at The Chain adds "Safety as a defining Tactic", and how to properly deploy our tactics, equipment, our attitude, and our marksmanship dependent on safety as the factor of morale and legal justification of our actions. Its a fresh look at the old discipline. We will look at changing tactics, new equipment, and much more and then put it to the "STEAM" test.