Lull In The Fight - Episode 2


In this episode they jump right into the regular "stuff".  Eric's talks about his "Bullet Point's" and hits on "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Jason and Eric are joined in studio by Jim Higginbotham and Eddie Garcia, and Jim helps them disect the Pawn Shop Robbery video (click link to see) and gives his insight on how things played out, as well as some tips for other small business owners.  On the phone this episode will be Charles Riggs discussing "Stand Your Ground" and Craig Caudill from Nature Reliance, discussing his new book, Extreme Wilderness Survival.  Tim Nein calls in to discuss "STEAM" and how its implemented in our training and gear selection.  As always the guys cut up and have a good time.  Hope you enjoy the show! (Be sure to listen until the end!)