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Eric Dean

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Eric has spent the better part of 15 years teaching the finer art of Weaponcraft to civilians, law enforcement, and military folks alike. From 3 deployments and to date having trained over 2,000 folks, Eric has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this industry. Having trained under, and partnered, with many nationally recognized firearm and self-defense experts, Eric brings all these years of experience to the microphone to share his thoughts with you. Eric strives to better help those interested in their personal well-being, regardless of where they are, the most relevant and doctrine-sound information available. From the Middle East, to East Main, Eric has some super information that you will enjoy!

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Jason Rhodes

I have had the privilege to work in this industry for nearly 7 years with some of the best self-defense instructors in the business. Jim Higginbotham, Tom Givins, and Eddie Garcia, just to name a few. Eric and I have worked together having the awesome opportunity to not only train some of our nation's finest men and women, but also share my experiences with local friends, family, and clients. I started my military career in 2001 and includes two deployments overseas.From a team commander in convoy security in some of the worst places for American's in uniform to be to East Africa as an Embassy Response Team for The U.S. State Dept. Now with my time with the Kentucky Army National Guard's elite Small Arms Readiness Team, I think I am where I am supposed to be. I hope our time together benefits you and look forward to your feedback. See you on the show! 

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