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Host of "The Lull in the Fight" Studios, SSI is here for you.

Sustainment Solutions Inc., or simply SSI, is a security equipment integrator with experience working in the Commercial, Government, and International Industry. SSI has maintained industry growth with diversity into several markets: perimeter security, entry control points, x-ray technologies, unmanned inspection with drones, renewable energy (photovoltaic + thermal), telecommunications, home/business security, and project management in less-traveled global locations. SSI represents top-tier manufacturers, and provides complete turnkey solutions for customers: sale of product, delivery, installation, operator training, and preventative/emergency maintenance. 

SSI has been received numerous awards that recognizes SSI's industry growth, entrepreneurship, philanthropy at home and abroad, and support for veterans. In fact, SSI is a proud veteran-owned small business with a record for hiring, training, and growing veterans to support projects across the globe.

SSI welcomes you to explore its capabilities and to contact us for any inquiries.

The goal of Raven Defense is to teach you how use your handgun when your life depends on it most. After the hands on training you will receive, you will leave Raven Defense with the confidence to carry your handgun and should the need ever arise be able to use it with confidence. We will also teach you about a Defensive Mindset and help you see the world from a different view. We want to help you see the trouble before it gets to you.
Raven Defense also offers a basic pistol course. If you're new to handguns or if you own one and have never used it, than we are here to help you. We will teach you how to operate your handgun along with the safety measures that go along with owning a pistol.

The Bulwarks LLC
The Bulwarks LLC was established on January 1st 2016. The goal of The Bulwarks LLC is to help those achieve a sense of safety and security without external influences. We offer an array of courses and seminars for those seeking independence and security. Course range from situational awareness, home and personal security, and much more.

Meridian Ordnance LLC
"I officially founded Meridian Ordnance LLC in 2011 after several years of experience in the firearms industry, with the US DoD and the U.S. Army. Doing so was the culmination of a decade-long hobby and development process, transforming a passion into a full time business. I set out to offer one-on-one service and attention to detail along with a willingness to assist everyone in fulfilling their mission needs whatever they may be. The business has grown and expanded over the years, offering dedicated retail firearm & accessory sales and additional gunsmithing and machining capabilities for our customers. Primarily, we carryout custom build services on Kalashnikov and AR15 firearms as well as various refinishing options, general gunsmithing, repairs and modifications. We also deal in and manufacture NFA items including suppressors, short barreled firearms and post dealer samples. So, from Law Enforcement departments to competitive shooters, collectors or aficionados, I look forward to discussing what Meridian Ordnance LLC can do for you."

Mike Owen, Owner
Meridian Ordnance LLC